Venum Elite pääsuoja pinkki
Venum Elite pääsuoja pinkki Venum Elite pääsuoja pinkki Venum Elite pääsuoja pinkki

Venum Elite pääsuoja pinkki

Venum pääsuoja.

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Our Venum Elite headgear is the answer for those who are looking for the right protection.

To provide the highest quality protection, the Elite headgear is built with Skintex leather to provide comfort during expected intense blows to the head training after training.

Well-known for its durability, the Elite headgear features a triple density foam for better shock control and absorption.

The head and face coverage was designed in order to combine full cranial protection while keeping a 180-degree view of your next opponent.

Because an elite fighter always keeps his head in the game.

Technical Features: 100% Skintex leather construction for great durability and high fighting performances. Ultra lightweight to allow faster head movement. Specific face design for a perfect protection and a open 180-degree vision. Triple density contoured foam for ultimate shock absorption. Reinforced ear cover. Open-Top design with mesh for a better evacuation of perspiration and moisture. Flexible 2-ways Velcro closure for a customized no-slip fit. Handmade in Thailand.


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