Venum 'Competitor' Weighted Jump Rope
Venum 'Competitor' Weighted Jump Rope Venum 'Competitor' Weighted Jump Rope Venum 'Competitor' Weighted Jump Rope Venum 'Competitor' Weighted Jump Rope

Venum 'Competitor' Weighted Jump Rope

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Huippulaatuinen hyppynaru Venumilta. Pituus 290cm. Narun paino on nopeasti säädettävissä.

Boost your cardiovascular performances with the Venum 'Competitor' Weighted Jump Rope! You will be able to perform intense workouts and activate a high 'burn rate' of up to 700 calories per hour of dynamic activity, with at the minimum 0.1 calories consumed per jump! We engineered it for a strength training and a total body conditioning by adding fast changing weights (150 grs and 250 grs) for a customized and gradual increase. Their high quality ball bearing allows a fast, smooth and high amplitude movements in order to improve your coordination, agility and footwork. Its no-slip grip with ultra-soft foam will ensure you the ultimate comfort sparing you minor injuries at the hands and tensions at the upper arms. You work more, you get more!

Technical features:
- Weighted Jump Rope with a 2 years warranty.
- Material: vinyl.
- Size: 290 cm (114 inches).
- Fast changing weights: 150 grs (5oz) and 250 grs (9oz).
- High quality ball bearing for a smooth rope movement.
- No-slip grip for a sure, easy and ultra-comfortable grip.
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