Venum Challenger Gi white
Venum Challenger Gi white Venum Challenger Gi white

Venum Challenger Gi white

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Venum BJJ Gi

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&ldquo BJJ 'Challenger' GI has been manufactured for Jiu-Jitsu fighters looking for quality GI at affordable price. 

It combines these two principles through a single weave allowing a high durability. It is very light and 100% cotton manufactured with good reinforcements allowing freedom of movements and provides a very good comfort for hard trainings and competition use. 

The design was developed with an eye for a classy touch with 2 embroidered Jiu-Jitsu and Venum patches. 

A beautiful white challenger label has been embroidered inside the jacket which defines the product's range. 

Technical features:

-100% Cotton.

-Very comfortable.

-Very light.

-Single weave fabric.

-Fully Embroidered. 

-Sizes available : A1/A1.5/A2/A2.5/A3/A4.


-A1: -165cm.

-A1.5: 165cm to 170cm.

-A2: 170cm to 175cm.

-A2.5: 175cm to 180cm.

-A3: 185cm to 190cm

-A4: 190cm and above.

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