MMA Lessons by Sean Sherk vol1.
MMA Lessons by Sean Sherk vol1. MMA Lessons by Sean Sherk vol1.

MMA Lessons by Sean Sherk vol1.

MMA opetusvideo. Sean Sherk boxing & takadown. 3 x UFC Champion. Yhden DVD opetusvideo, kesto 90min.

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Ever since 1993 s first UFC, everyone knows how complete a fighter needs to be in order to succeed a real fight situation. Boxing, Wrestling and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu have imposed themselves as the foundations of Mixed Martial Arts.

Champions begin every fight standing up and know that training Boxing and Takedown are key elements that will help them survive a fight.


VENUM has chosen for you one of the most explosive MMA Fighters of the UFC: SEAN SHERK, aka &ldquo the muscle shark&rdquo .
He is one of the most knowledgeable fighters the sport has ever seen.

 With 40 fights and 3 UFC titles under his belt, Sean is a true legend.

From stellar wrestler to one of the most complete Mixed Martial Artist, SHERK&rsquo s boxing skills and his spectacular takedowns are what won him many fights.

This DVD explains step by step how to transition from boxing to takedown. SEAN SHERK will lead you through the essential basics of MMA and will increase the level&rsquo s difficulty as you go. Beyond technique, SHERK will instill you the right mindset to become a champ.


SEAN SHERK&rsquo S MMA LESSONS features:

- Warming up - Punches

- Covering the distance

- Shooting the takedown off your opponent&rsquo s strikes

- Shooting the takedown off dirty boxing

- Faking the takedown

-Slipping off punches to set up your takedown

- Finishing the takedown

- Drilling all techniques In 1 hour, SEAN teaches you all you need to know to cover distance and take anybody down.

His concept is based on more than 20 years of training experience a definite must have if you&rsquo re serious about training.
Included is a 30-minute documentary featuring SEAN SHERK&rsquo s exclusive interviews and seminar.

Available in English, Spanish, French and German.

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