Bad Boy Ladies Sphere Compression Leggings
Bad Boy Ladies Sphere Compression Leggings Bad Boy Ladies Sphere Compression Leggings
Bad Boy

Bad Boy Ladies Sphere Compression Leggings

Bad Boy naisten kompressio trikoot

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Kompressiovaatteet tukevat lihaksia suorituksen aikana, auttavat poistamaan kuona-aineita kehosta, parantavat verenkiertoa ja tehostavat palautumista suorituksen jälkeen.

Saatavilla koot: XS, S, M, L ja XL

Bad Boy Ladies Sphere Compression Leggings

These new Sphere Compression Leggings are designed to be worn for grappling competitors of BJJ and MMA. They can be worn on their own or as added protection under shorts or Gi pants.

These stylish Compression Leggings can help to promote blood flow therefore increasing muscle performance and efficiency. The other major advantage is that they protect you from minor injuries such as scratches, grazes and burns which can come from the mat or your opponents clothing. This means your skin will also be guarded against germs harbouring in the mat during grappling.

They are extremely durable, constructed from a polyester and spandex blend of fabrics meaning they will fit comfortably and withstand frequent and long term use. This material also means they are super quick drying which can be useful if you train regularly.

The leggings feature six lines of reflective print which blend seamlessly with the design (two on the front thighs, two on the back thighs and two on the back calves). This makes the Compression Leggings a safe solution for outdoor and night time training.

The stylish Sphere design with ergonomic panelling, thick elasticated waistband and Bad Boy branding makes the Sphere Compression Leggings an ideal addition to your training wear. Matching Sphere Compression Tops available!


  • Wide Elasticated Waistband
  • Reinforced Flat Stitching for comfort and durability
  • Reflective Panels for outdoor training
  • Ergonomic Compression Panels
  • Lightweight and Breathable
  • 10% Spandex
  • 90% Polyester


Colour: Black/Pink

Sizes: XSmall &ndash XLarge

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