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Bad Boy alasuoja
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Bad Boy alasuoja

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19,90 €
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 Saatavilla koot: S, M, L ja XL

Bad Boy have managed to create a quality MMA groin guard at an outstanding price to offer you best protection at the best value for money!

Features elasticated straps which wrap around your rear and thick elasticated waistband to keep it securely in place when in use. Complete with mesh material on the front cup pocket for comfort and breathability this will keep the cup securely in place during all floor and standing work. The plastic cup is guaranteed to defend against those strikes which you do not see coming, and protect you where it matters most. The cup itself also features vent holes to prevent sweat build up and discomfort during training.

Suitable for striking work, grappling work, and all form of Mixed Martial Arts training, the groin guard can also be used for all other contact sports such as American football, rugby and hockey. This groin guard is excellent value for money and an essential piece of protective equipment, you should never enter the ring without it.


-Elasticated straps
-Secure Waistband
-Vented Cup
-Mesh material for breathability
-Solid Cup with Air vents
-Ideal for all combat sports


Colour: Black

Sizes: Small, Med, Large and X-Large


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